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barco Powerwalls

Versatile large visualization displays providing insight into complex data and design


Barco Powerwall are large-scale visualization system developed by Barco, a global technology company specializing in professional visualization and display solutions. Powerwalls are designed to provide immersive and high-resolution visual experiences for a range of applications, including collaborative work environments, simulation and training, research, and command and control centers.

A Powerwall typically consists of multiple high-resolution displays tiled together to form a single seamless display surface. These displays can be rear-projection cubes or LED panels, depending on the specific model and requirements. The individual displays are carefully aligned and calibrated to ensure a consistent and accurate image across the entire display area. They provide immersive and high-resolution visual experiences for various applications. 

Barco Powerwall offers several benefits. It provides a large viewing area, which helps users to interact with detailed content on a grand scale. It is capable of displaying high-resolution imagery, enabling the visualization of intricate details and fine-grained data. Powerwall also support high brightness levels, which is important for maintaining image quality in well-lit environments.

A rollable, yet rigid, rear-projection screen for the most demanding applications

  • Rigid. Superb performance thanks to a very high-tension surface.
  • Flexible. Save time, space, and money during transport and storage thanks to a roll-up screen.
  • Fast. Cut installation time in two.
  • Easy to upgrade. Replacing screens on an existing frame is a breeze.
  • Large. Sizes up to 20x4m.
  • Long lifetime. UV resistant and steady performance over time.

Simulation and Training: Power Walls are often used in military, aviation, and other training facilities to create realistic simulations for pilots, drivers, and other professionals. They offer an immersive environment for practice and skill development.

Scientific Visualization: Power Walls are utilized in research institutions and laboratories to visualize complex scientific data, simulations, and models. They enable researchers to analyse and interpret data more effectively.

Entertainment and Virtual Reality: In the entertainment industry, Power Walls are used for immersive visual experiences, virtual reality applications, and movie production. They create a larger-than-life viewing environment.

Education and Research: Power Walls are employed in educational institutions and research centers for interactive learning experiences, data analysis, and collaborative research projects.

Digital Marketing and Advertising: Power Walls are employed in advertising and marketing agencies to create engaging and interactive displays for brand promotions and customer experiences.

Geospatial and GIS: Power Walls are utilized in geospatial applications, including geographic information systems (GIS), urban planning, and environmental monitoring. They assist in visualizing geographic data and spatial patterns.

Manufacturing and Product Design: In the manufacturing sector, Power Walls are used for product design reviews, factory layout planning, and process optimization.

Architectural Visualization: In the architecture and construction industry, Power Walls are used to showcase 3D models of buildings and urban landscapes. They aid architects and clients in understanding the design and making informed decisions.

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