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IP PABX is a centralized telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines utilizing the TCP/IP network. It acts as a central switching system for phone calls within a business. One of the main advantages with this system is that it allows data and voice communication over a single line. This means that traditional telephone communications, VoIP communications and internet access are all achievable using a single line to each user. The system offers much flexibility as the enterprise grows since the long term operations and maintenance costs can be drastically reduced.

Amaze technologies is adept at offering complete IP PABX solutions to enterprises across UAE. What a business needs to sustain in this competitive world is to have a strong telecommunication system. With the right telecom systems and solutions we make sure your business are always connected. As an experienced player in this domain we understand what solution is best fit your business and accordingly do the IP PABX installation to achieve communication goals.

Replacing the conventional telephone system with the IP PABX system gives your business an edge over your competitors. Not only that it makes the data and voice communication easier, but also changes the way you do the business. With the computer telephony integration (CTI) feature your business can take advantage of additional functionalities such as the conference calling, IVR facility, live calls, messaging etc… are possible.

Most importantly picking the right system is the key. We deal with the leading IP PABX brands in the industry such as Avaya, Cisco, NICE, Panasonic, Yeastar, Zycoo systems to provide the advanced telephony solution. Given the flexibility that is allowed with this telephone system it is ideal for business to embrace IP PABX installation in the enterprise.


  • Single network: with the single computer network you can carry the data/voice communication unlimited.
  • Ease of management: As the IP PABX installation provides a web based interface, it is easy to make necessary changes whenever needed.
  • Reduce travel costs: The teleconference facility in the system helps to reduce the travel cost.
  • Cost savings: The provision of using a VoIP provider within an IP PABX system enables business to make long distance and international calls unlimited. This helps to save lot on call charges.
  • Enhanced service and productivity: Integrating phone functions with the business applications it helps to cut costs by reducing time spent on each caller.
  • Video and audio calls: An IP PABX system allows for video and audio calls over the IP network. Video phones are available for this.

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