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Structured cabling provides a standard design for cabling that ensures interoperability among multiple communication devices. Controlled by a set of cabling standards, this cabling system offers an efficient way of data and voice communication over varied cable categories.

Amaze technologies follow an organized approach to structured cabling that deliver predictable performance. We are a dedicated structured cabling provider in UAE with the capacity to design and implement cabling infrastructure with adherence to international specifications and cabling guidelines. Our highly trained professionals are capable to support today’s ever growing complex network architectures, be it for buildings, data centers, institutions and various other organizations.

We adequately provide you with state of the art cabling infrastructure within buildings / offices that ensure clear data or voice communication and seamless transfer of huge data to desktops, data centers and other destinations. Our seasoned technicians will always be on service to support you on design, setting up and installation to ensure seamless communication.

Amaze technologies offers solutions according to customer requirements using various kinds of cable usually the category 5 cables (Cat 5e), category 6 cables (Cat 6) and fiber optic cable in various topologies.


Unlike the conventional cabling system, the structured cabling provides the most effective communication without any hurdle. The biggest advantage is that it can carry data at even high speeds. Here are some of the benefits of structured cabling in an infrastructure.

  • Save time:
    Port tracing becomes easier with structured cabling. This organized cabling approach not only makes the job easier but also helps to save time.
  • Clean look:
    Good pint is that the entire cabling looks cleaner than a traditional cabling system. As most of the significant changes are happening in the Main Distribution Area (area where hardware devices are located) the hardware is not being touched in most instances. This gives the cabling a more pleasing look.
  • Reduced downtime:
    Structured cabling gives an easy access to cable structure in case of any faults occurred. Finding the faults easy reduces the downtime. With an organized cabling approach problems are less likely to occur on the entire network, easier to locate and more clear-cut to fix.
  • Simple to make changes:
    Do not bother if you require moving any hardware devices or communication devices of your office from one point to another, a structured cabling can simplify the process.


Our commitment focuses on providing the most efficient cabling solutions to our customers. It ensures our customers meet their bandwidth demands and stay top on technology trends. With a properly organized cabling structure, we ensure they enjoy a greater level of satisfaction with their communication needs. Being one of the largest IT service provider in the UAE, we help enterprises reduce operating expenses and future installation costs through advanced structured cabling solutions.

If you are on the hunt for the best structured cabling service provider, get in touch with us.

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