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Virtualization helps to avoid wasting expensive processing power and resources, thus making business more proactive. Organizations suffer huge inefficiencies and unnecessary operating costs by deploying multiple servers. Virtualization enables business to create virtual systems which allow running more operating systems and applications on a single server. This helps organizations to achieve immense productivity and boost efficiency.

Amaze technologies is incredibly experienced to offer virtualization technology to organizations of all sizes and areas. By creating the virtual representation of virtual storage, virtual applications, and virtual networks, we help all size companies to enhance productivity and reduce operating expenses. While your business grows, you do not have to worry about the significant burden of expanding storage (server space) and existing infrastructure in the current environment, and forget about the upfront investments even, our skilled professionals are here to assist you with the advanced technical know-how. We deploy virtualization using VMware and Microsoft’s Hyperv technologies.

We help organizations to achieve efficiency and reduce excessive processing power through various virtualization types – network virtualization, storage virtualization, server virtualization, Data virtualization, Application virtualization, and Desktop virtualization. Doesn’t matter the sort of virtualization type your business need, we come with the best virtualization technologies to create a mature IT environment.


  • Lower costs: The hardware dependency within data centre and company can be largely reduced by deploying this technology.
  • Faster Backups: Backups can be easily and quickly be taken from the virtual systems. It ensures that all the information in the back up is up to date.
  • Improved productivity: With fewer resources in place, less time needed for maintaining and managing the servers. This allows for business to spend more time on other activities.
  • Data recovery: Data recovery is easier in a virtualized set up. This reduces major headaches on administrators about data in case of any disaster.
  • Easy cloud migration: it is easy to build up a cloud based infrastructure with the virtualization. Virtual machines can even be installed from a datacenter to form a cloud based infrastructure.

Create a successful IT environment that allows for the simultaneous creation, execution and management of applications and operating systems with the leading virtualization provider in UAE. The utilization of latest technologies and tools empower your business to reach new sphere. Get to know more about how we can scale your growth with the virtualization technologies in UAE.

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