Email Migration

Email Migration

Email migration refers to the process of migrating an email or multiple email messages from email client to another. A business chooses to migrate their mail boxes either because they may want to use a new mail client or an email service provider or as a result of company merger or acquisition. There can be different approaches employed in the email migration process and it depends completely on a business scenario. An expert provider can offer the best possible solution in conformity to the company rules and policies.

Amaze technologies is adept at offering a fast and reliable way to migrate your mail box to a new mail service. Regardless of your scenario, we can meet your email migration needs in UAE in a perfect way. Whatever the email migration requirement you have, whether to migrate the email stored on a server or local email data or archives, we got you covered without any data loss.

Being a complete email migration provider in UAE, we help your business to migrate the calendar, address books, tasks, notes and events from one system to another system. Our flexible email migration solutions are designed to meet and achieve your technical goals. Having a migration expert to help you all the way in the process, you can experience a cutover transition that guarantees reliability and peace of mind. We are counted as the leading expert who can deal with a number of migration scenarios including:

  • Migration to Exchange/Outlook server
  • Migration to Microsoft Office 365
  • Migration to G SUITE Server
  • Migrating to Domino Server

We also support the local data migration and cloud based email migration. We employ a combination of advanced methods to perform the migration. At each step of email migration, we stay in touch with your team to get the best outcome as you have envisioned. With transparent pricing and expertise we are at your service for any sort of email migration solution in UAE. Get in touch with us to get your mail box migrated safely and reliably.

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