Server Installation

Server Installation

Server plays a decisive role in the smooth functioning of business. As an integral part, it integrates many of your business process, tools, and most importantly acts as the central repository of critical data. Your business doesn’t want to bear the ill-effects for not having a proper sever set up in place.

Amaze technologies can help you with everything from initial server set up to configuration and management. We incredibly have transformed many businesses to become proactive and self-reliant by deploying solutions for sustainable and efficient growth. Highly experienced with complete server solutions, we deal with the configuration and installation of Domain controllers, File servers, Web servers, and Exchange servers suitable to various business needs.

Our certified professionals will lead you from the front in purchasing, designing, and the installation and configuration of business servers like dell business servers, Microsoft Servers and more. If your business brings in new processes or added new users, we help you with necessary changes in the server configuration, and the solutions are designed with future expansion plans and redundancy plans in mind, and therefore the storage space will not hit hard anymore. With as many successful installations and configurations delivered to multiple businesses in Middle East and other countries, it is unquestionable that our server solutions are truly be worth to your investment.

Some of the server solutions we provide you include

  • Microsoft server installation
  • Upgrade of server hardware
  • Exchange server installation and configuration
  • SQL server installation
  • Linux Server installation
  • Server management and maintenance

How server benefits you

  • Server helps you centralize your business data
  • Delivers a more reliable and security set up
  • Server allows for efficient sharing of data across networks
  • Allows for deployment for new applications and users
  • It provides more processing power to your business
  • It allows adding more computers

We have extensive technical knowledge in deploying and supporting a wide array of server solutions to clients across UAE that meet the client business demands.

Implementing right server put your business on right track. Proper installation and configuration does ensure the data is being used effectively. Make progress with right server installation in UAE with Amaze Technologies.

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