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Biometric Face Recognition Access Control system

The facial recognition attendance system uses biometric technology and performs identity verification based on the person’s facial features. In simpler terms, a facial database with employee information can identify when an employee enters a building or enters a specific area of ​​the building.

Fingerprint and facial biometric technologies are becoming more and more popular with enterprises due to the reliable results they produce. From easy integration to automated, error-free employee attendance tracking, these are some of the reasons you should consider implementing facial biometrics in your system.

How it works: Access Control through Facial Recognition uses AI technology to identify a person by scanning and measuring their individual facial features. Facial Recognition Access Control uses algorithms designed to detect features of a person’s face, including the distance between the forehead and chin, the depth of each eye socket, the width and shape of the nose, as well as the length of a person’s jaw.

Contactless authentication

This technology is both fast and accurate, instantly validating identity to protect access to sensitive areas. It is an excellent solution for the zone management of food-processing factories or hospitals where hygiene is important.

Identity protection

This secure access control system will guarantee that only authorised individuals gain access to secure locations while requiring far less personal information than other forms of identification.

Enhanced security

Using a facial recognition access control termina will provide an additional layer of security beyond keys, fobs and smart cards. This solution is perfect for data centres, research institutes, banks and any organisations that require improved security.

For facial recognition access control terminals that offer high matching speeds, accuracy, and the level of security your business needs, enquire today.

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