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Biometric Palm vein Access Control System

The palm vein recognition device is a powerful biometric that deploys the use of infrared light to capture data points. These data points are further traced to form a pattern – encrypted in a unique code. Contradictory to the other biometrics – this process completely depends on the internal structure. This gives it several unique advantages that make it arguably the most advanced biometric on the market.

Systems that deploy this technology are contactless – meaning that you don’t have to touch the sensor to scan your palm. For recognition, simply guide your hand in front of the sensor – get identified. The whole process is quicker and more hygienic compared to other biometrics. 

Traditional biometric systems still have the scope of forgery or duplication. Most devices deploy the sensors that authenticate the biometrics. With the ramping technology, those biometrics still provide scope for spoofing.

As for the palm vein recognition systems, the biometric code is concealed, making it very difficult to steal this pattern or create a replica with it.

Furthermore, the palm vein readers encapsulate the actual blood flow, which is as good as capturing the liveliness of the user. Even if the pattern is disclosed, fooling the scanner without blood flowing through the veins is almost impossible.

Talking about all the biometrics in general, palm vein recognition systems have a comparatively larger surface area. Providing the leisure of capturing multiple data points. This acts as the icing on the cake in terms of accuracy.

A usual palm vein recognition scanner would capture some million data points, offering unprecedented accuracy. Precisely, these features make it arguably “the best” biometric for access control applications.

In terms of reliability, fingerprint or facial features tend to vary whereas, the palm vein pattern remains the same throughout. The user won’t face the need to re-enroll even over a period of time.

Palm vein recognition systems are designed to withstand tough conditions and are resilient to dirt, dust, grease or moisture. Additionally, the instances of palm vein structure getting damaged are quite uncommon.

For Palm vein access control terminals that offer high matching speeds, accuracy, and the level of security your business needs, enquire today.

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