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cctv security systems supplier & service provider in UAE

As the leading supplier of premium quality CCTV camera systems and surveillance solutions, Amaze Technologies brings integrated hi-tech systems and products for all your security needs.

Amaze Technologies offers a wide range of CCTV systems services in the UAE. We also cater to the service and maintenance requirements of CCTV for all our clients. As your trusted security systems provider with over a decade of experience in the field, Amaze Technologies offers your small or large business the best CCTV system supplier in the UAE.

An effective and economical CCTV systems integration is necessary for a business with potential growth to scale above the mark with safety and security.

Amaze Technologies offers CCTV products including hybrid DVRs, NVRs, standalone DVRs, Digital video servers, Compression cards, high-definition IP cameras, Security monitors, Multiplexing DVRs, Network Cameras, Keyboard Controllers, High-Resolution Cameras, Water-proof IR Cameras, Outdoor Cameras and speed domes.
We offer CCTV Camera products from a number of manufacturers including Samsung, CpPlus, Grandstream, Bosch, Dahua, Axis & Hikvision. All these CCTV security products in Saudi Arabia are seamlessly integrated together and achieve the “Best Cost and Top Performance CCTV” for Total Security.

Contact Amaze Technologies today for more information on various brands and models of the CCTV system Including, Samsung CCTV, Axis CCTV, Bosch CCTV, CpPLUS, Hikvision CCTV & Dahua CCTV

cctv security systems

What we offer on CCTV secuirity installation

Our CCTV solutions are designed to be both scalable and feature-rich and meet the growing demands of today’s security conditions. We have CCTV products to support all the surveillance methods. Choose from a wide assortment cctv security products that best fit your Business. Our CCTV installation service delivers maximum deployment flexibility and security.

Amaze Technologies offer high-tech installation service for CCTV Systems in the UAE. Contact Amaze Technologies for your CCTV System Installation or Buy your CCTV Products in UAE.

What are the securities provided by CCTV cameras

Security-proving CCTV, additionally referred to as protection digital camera systems or closed-circuit TV systems, are surveillance technology designed to monitor and record activities in precise areas for protection functions. These structures are utilized in diverse settings, which include homes, corporations, public areas, and authority centers, to beautify protection and deter criminal activities.

  • Cameras: CCTV systems consist of one or more cameras strategically placed to capture video photos of the location underneath surveillance. There are exceptional forms of cameras, together with dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and hidden cameras, each perfect for particular surveillance needs.
  • Recording Equipment: Security cameras are linked to recording gadgets, which may be virtual video recorders (DVRs) or network video recorders (NVRs). These devices keep the captured video footage for later overview and evaluation.
  • Monitor Displays: Security personnel or belongings proprietors can view the stay digital camera feeds on committed display presentations. In some instances, these video display units are used for real-time tracking, at the same time in others, they’re used for playback and review of recorded photos.
  • Remote Access: Modern CCTV structures regularly provide faraway admission to through smartphones, pills, or computer systems. This lets customers display their premises from anywhere with a web connection.
  • Motion Detection and Alerts: Many CCTV structures are prepared with movement sensors which could trigger signals or alarms whilst unusual activity is detected. This characteristic can assist in notifying safety personnel or belongings proprietors of capacity threats.
  • Infrared (IR) or Night Vision: Some cameras have IR or nighttime imaginative and prescient capabilities, letting them seize clear pictures in low-light or midnight conditions.
  • High-Resolution Video: Higher-resolution cameras provide clearer and more detailed footage, making it easier to identify individuals and objects.
  • Audio Recording: Some CCTV systems include audio recording capabilities, enabling the capture of audio in addition to video.
  • Storage Capacity: The recording equipment has storage capacity for storing video footage. The amount of storage needed depends on factors like the number of cameras, resolution, and the length of time you want to retain recordings.
  • Scalability: CCTV systems can be scaled to accommodate additional cameras and equipment as needed to cover larger areas or enhance security.
  • Encryption and Security: To prevent unauthorized access to the system and recorded footage, modern CCTV systems often employ encryption and password protection.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Depending on the location and purpose of the CCTV system, there may be legal and ethical considerations, including compliance with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Regular maintenance and software updates are essential to ensure the continued functionality and security of the CCTV system.

Why Choose Amaze Technologies as Your cctv security systems Service Provider in UAE?

Advanced Technology

We use the latest surveillance technology in our security camera installation, recording device integration, software management, and all components. The advanced technology approach makes us prominent among the security service providers in the UAE.

24x7 Customer Support

Our Customer service team will stay connected with you before, during and after the installation of your CCTV security systems. You can enquire about the supply, installation and maintenance of your CCTV systems with us 24×7.


We promise a standard warranty period on all our CCTV systems in order to ensure quality control and 100% customer satisfaction. Secure & Monitor your business with the best CCTV Systems provider in Qatar, Al Qimma CCTV Security Systems!

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