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APC Smart-UPS C 3000VA LCD 230V

APC Smart-UPS C 3000VA LCD 230V offers efficient network power protection that is ideal for network systems, servers, point-of-sale and devices. The system is capable to provide temporary battery power when the utility power is out. LCD status display provides the UPS status and multiple indicators with load and battery bar graphs. High online efficiency reduces the utility costs and generates less heat. This smart UPS is ideal for optimal performance in specific power environments or generator applications.


  • High online efficiency
  • LCD status display
  • Adjustable voltage-transfer points
  • Smarter productivity
  • Network manageable
  • USB connectivity
  • Automatic self-test

Customers can place the order online for APC Smart-UPS C 3000VA LCD 230V through Amaze Technologies.

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APC Smart-UPS C 3000VA LCD 230V