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Avaya 3730 Ip Phone

Size (h x w x d): 137 x 52 x 21.5 mm.
• Weight: 114 g (including battery and excl clip weight 10g.
• Colors: Handset: Black.
• Display (w x h): 28 x 35 mm, (1.8 Inch) TFT display,
262K colors. 128 x 160 pixel LCD with white LED backlight.
Audio • Ring signal: Adjustable in 8 steps.
• Earpiece: Adjustable in 8 steps of 3dB each.
• Max. sound ring signal level: 88 dBA @ 10 cm.
• Loudspeaker: Duplex loud speaking function.
Phonebook • Central phonebook: Unlimited no. of entries.
• Company phonebook: 1000 entries.
• Local phonebook: 250 entries.
• Selectable ring tones per contact.
User interface • High resolution Color LCD display with white
LED backlighting.
• 262K individual colors.
• Indicator: Illuminated display indicates incoming call,
and charging.
• Vibration: Incoming call.
• Buttons & Keys: 3 soft keys, 4-way navigation key, off hook key, on-hook and power on / off on the same key,
numerical keys and volume up / down.
Telephony • Indication: 14 ring signals, vibration.
• Answer call: Button press or auto answer.
• Call list storage capacity: 25 received, dialed and
missed calls, with time stamp.
• Emergency numbers: Up to 5 emergency numbers: dial
immediately without unlocking the keypad.
Security and
• Full support of the DECT Security EN300 444 feature
N35, as specified by the DECT forum.
Languages • 9 languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English,
Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian,
Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian),
Portuguese (European), Russian, Slovakian, Spanish,
Swedish and Turkish +1 downloadable.
Messaging • Max length: 12 characters to handset.
• Storage: 0 messages.
Battery2 • Type: Li-Ion.
• Speech time: 15 hrs under optimal conditions.
• Stand-by time: 170 hrs under optimal conditions1
• Charge time: <4 hrs. • Discharge / charge cycles: cycles: >=65% capacity left
after 500 full charge / discharge cycles.
Radio • DECT protocol detection: Automatic detection
and configuration for US DECT and EU DECT at
initial registration.
• Frequency range: EU (1880-1900 MHz),
US (1920-1930 MHz), L A (1910-1930 MHz),
BR (1910-1920 MHz), Other (1900-1920 MHz).
• Modulation: GFSK.
• Channel spacing: 1.728 MHz.
• Antenna: Integral. Sensitivity: -93 dBm.
• Dynamic output power EU / LA / BR 10 mW
(max average power), US: 4mW (max average power).


Efficient and dependable telephony. That’s what you get with the 3730, which features a local phonebook, access to central phonebook, voicemail, and much more. With a 3.5mm headphone jack and a battery that provides 16 hours of talk time, it’s a handset ready to enable mobility and productivity.



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Avaya 3730 Ip Phone