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Avaya J100 EM Ip Phone

▪ 4.3 inches, 272 x 480 pixel color display.
▪ The Avaya IP Phone J179 support up to 3 button modules, and each
button module can take both Stand and Wall mount positions together
with the phone.
▪ The J100 Expansion Module provides access to up to 24 buttons and lamps
with ability to display 3 pages when a single expansion module is used.
▪ Each feature/line button has a red/green indicator ▪ Pre-configured background or screensavers are available to match the
base phone.
▪ Power is supplied by base J179 (PoE class 2). If 3 expansion modules are
attached to J179, then an external 5 volt power supply is required.
▪ Supported on J179 with both H.323 and SIP software

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Every call is critical. Get more out of your Avaya IP Phone J179 with this feature-filled expansion module that enables users to manage and monitor more calls more effectively.



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Avaya J100 EM Ip Phone