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Avaya K155 Ip Phone

The innovative Avaya Vantage™ K155 is a cool, modular device with possibilities
to have various form factors. It comes with an integrated camera, optional /
detachable cradle with cordless / corded handset—giving you the flexibility to
choose a corded, cordless handset or skip one, if you like. Avaya Vantage™ K155
can run available Android applications and has the standard Android Back,
Home and Overview button controls as part of the keypad buttons in order to
make full use of the 5-inch capacitive touchscreen available.
It is simple and easy to deploy either by administrator or end user—could be
wall-mount or just placed on a desk, and has a small footprint on the desktop.

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Modern. Connected. Personalized. Transform the professional desktop experience with the K155—a UC device designed to meet new multi-dimensional needs of businesses of all sizes. Featuring integration capability and advanced functionality, the powerful K155 delivers unique experiences that mesh into your workflow and business processes.



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Avaya K155 Ip Phone