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Cambium cnPilot r190V

Cambium CN Pilot R190V is ideal for ISP providers who are looking for cost-effective home router with state of the art cloud management and robust features. The advantage is that the router can be remotely configured, monitored, managed, upgraded making the trouble shooting easy and reducing the ISP provider’s need for site visits. The router supports modern IPV6 network topology. The more advanced features enhance customer satisfaction by offering validated and managed home routers that connect users to the internet rapidly and efficiently.


  • Track and manage customer inventory
  • Zero touch onboarding
  • Remote mass upgrade
  • SNMP management
  • Rich client and device troubleshooting
  • Auto provisioning

Customers in UAE can place the order online for Cambium CN Pilot R190V home router through Amaze Technologies.

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Cambium cnPilot r190V