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> Anodized aluminium alloy middle frame

> 8 inch capacitive touch screen and high definition IPS screen; resolution: 800 (H)×1280 (V)

> Face, fingerprint, password, and card unlock

> Face verification accuracy>99%; face comparison time ≤0.2s per person; false recognition rate Face profiles can be recognized, the profile angle range is 0°–90°

> Support liveness detection

> Full duplex communication

> Outdoor stations can be managed through the platform; voice communication between mobile app and platform

> 2 MP low illuminance wide dynamic dual camera; white light fill light and IR fill light, fill light brightness can be adjusted

> Support duress alarm, tamper alarm, and fire alarm

> IK07; IP66 (Apply silica gel to gaps between the device and the wall. Liquid sodium silicate is recommended. For details, see the quick start guide.)

> Surface mount and flush mount



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Dahua Digital Face Recognition Outdoor Station