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Hikvision DS-9616NI-I8

The Hikvision DS-96xxxNI-I24/H Series are powerful, expandable NVRs with high capacities and high resolution. Either normal or hot spare working mode is configurable to constitute an N+1 hot spare system.

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When upgrading NVR from v3.4.x to v4.x, please be sure NVR firmware is at v3.4.92 170518 firmware and perform system factory default before proceed upgrading NVR to v4.x. Failures have NVR at v3.4.92 and perform system factory default prior to upgrading NVR to v4.x could render NVR inoperable.

Up to 12 MP Resolution

to 4K (4096 × 2160) Output Resolution

Supports Up to 24 SATA Hard Disks

HDD Hot Swap with RAID

Supports Up to 128/256 IP Cameras



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Hikvision DS-9616NI-I8