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Ruijie Newton 18000-X Switch Series (RG-N18000-X) is the next-generation high-performance core switches designed for cloud network, which tops the class with its zero-backplane design on the 100T switching platform. The RG-N18000-X Switch Series offers high-efficiency and high-stability switching services, and guarantees ten-year smooth network upgrades.

The RG-N18000-X Series deploys an advanced hardware architecture design and is one of the world’s leading core switches with the highest specifications.

The RG-N18000-X Series adopts front-to-rear airflow design for heat dissipation which features a much higher heat dissipation efficiency with a much lower revolving speed, lower quantity of fans as well as lower noise level. The RG-N18000-X also makes use of energy-saving technology to minimize power consumption of the chassis.

The RG-N18000-X Series provides 2 models, RG-N18010-X and RG-N18018-X, to meet deployment needs of Internet data center and campus network data center.

Feature Highlights:

Ideal for ultra-large campus and data center networks
Ideal for high-performance computing with ultra-low latency
CLOS non-blocking architecture
Scalable capacity for future expansion: up to 576 100GE, 576 40GE, 2304 10GE ports
Ready for future: support 100G Ethernet

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Advanced Zero-Backplane Design

The RG-N18000-X Series firstly adopts the zero-backplane design for switches with 100T switching capacity, which supports a direct connection between line cards and fabric engines without any backplane connections. The cross-module data traffic is transmitted to the fabric engines directly with minimized transmission loss. It can also improve internal transmission efficiency of service data traffic, maximizing the performance and switching capacity of the switches. Therefore, users are not required to replace the chassis for future upgrades, bringing a utilization lifespan of more than 10 years to the data center users.
Cell-based CLOS Non-Blocking Architecture

Ruijie RG-N18000-X Series deploys the advanced CLOS multi-plane, multi-stage switching architecture, which achieves complete separation of the forwarding and control planes. With independent fabric engines and control engines, the cell-based switching architecture ensures all ports are running at full line rate in a non-blocking manner. The solution continues to strengthen bandwidth upgrade and business supporting capacities. Data Center Core Switch

The Ruijie RG-N18000-X Series supports abundant network interfaces to meet the evolving requirements of a wide variety of scenarios, offering 36 100GE ports, 36 40GE ports and 144 10GE ports per line card.

Featuring the height of 21U for 18-slot chassis, the RG-N18018-X supports 461T switching capacity at maximum per chassis. The 21U-height switch supports a maximum of 576 100GE, 576 40GE or 2304 10GE line rate ports, with the port density increasing by 20% compared with other similar products in the market.

The RG-N18010-X offers a height of 12U for 10 slots. The 12U switch supports up to 288 100GE, 288 40GE, 1152 10GE line rate ports, with port density of 20% higher compared with other similar products in the market. The RG-N18000-X Series, as the network gateway of the large Layer 2 network, can support over 500 thousand virtual machines. Equipped with the latest graphic-card-class GDDR5 SDRAM, the switch can achieve a maximum cache capacity of up to 24 GB per module, and support the distributive cache technology, which increases the cache capacity by 33%. The RG-N18000-X Series supports high-efficiency caching of surge traffic from the large-scale virtual machines of the data center, significantly reducing the packet loss ratio and improving the processing performance of the data center services. On-Demand Resource Allocation Enabled by Data Center Virtualization

Virtual Switch Unit 3.0 (VSU)

The series supports the industry-leading Virtual Switch Unit 3.0 (VSU). The technology can virtualize multiple physical devices into one logical unit, which largely minimizes the number of network nodes and reduces administrator workload. Superior 50~200ms link failover ensures smooth and uninterrupted transmission of key services. The RG-N18000-X Series supports cross-device link aggregation, providing active/active uplink to server or switch. The network can hence offer effective connectivity and amplify the bandwidth.

Innovative Technology & Energy-saving Design

The RG-N18000-X Switch Series adopts zero-backplane design for heat dissipation straight-through airflow feature, that perfectly complies with the airflow direction in the data center rooms, contributing to unobstructed air flow across the front-to-rear module with a high speed of up to 15m/s. This design has significantly improved the heat dissipation efficiency, allowing much cold air pouring in the chassis for heat dissipation. It effectively reduces device temperature and supports surge protection.

The RG-N18000-X Switch Series uses the smart counter rotating fans that consists of two different fan blades to satisfy the needs on airflow amount and air pressure. The different quantities of fan blades enable the staggering frequencies in terms of vibration and noise to avoid the problem resonance. Compared with the traditional concatenation of axial fans, the counter rotating fans have more advantages on the amount of wind flow, and also supports the speed adjustment in different zones to reduce the power consumption.

The RG-N18000-X Switch Series adopts the industry-leading titanium-level power supply, offering a power supply switching efficiency of up to 96%. The 100G line card adopts the non-PHY chip design, reducing power consumption per module by more than 5.63%. The low-impedance copper bar design ensures a power loss during power configuration by less than 0.3%.



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