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Samsung PRN4011 NVR

Up to 64CH, Max.12megapixel resolution, 400Mbps network camera recording, Support 4K video out on HDMI monitor, Support dual monitor video out, H.265, H.264, MJPEG compression, WiseStream support, Max. 12 internal HDDs(96TB), Support RAID 5, ARB&Failover(N+1) support.


The NVR supports the monitoring and recording of multiple IP cameras at a resolution of up to 12MP. Users can also download the free Smart Security Manager (SSM) client software, which provides all the necessary features for a reliable CCTV surveillance system. In addition, the NVR’s integrated display ports allow the connection of a monitor for a simple standalone solution – without the need of a PC.

Camera-based video motion detection alarms can be configured to increase scene awareness and notify users of possible incidents. Users also have the ability to connect external devices via the unit’s built-in alarm and audio I/O ports to help enhance alarm signaling or enable features such as two-way audio (dependent on the connected camera’s audio capabilities).

Recordings can be set to run continuously, during specific time periods or as a result of an alarm signal. Support for pre- and post-event recording allows activity around the time of a triggered alarm to be captured and used for investigation purposes. Users can also retrieve recordings easily using a variety of search tools, play the footage back and then export safely via the USB connection. In addition, WiseStream compression technology is included to help lower bandwidth and storage reԛuirements.

Hanwha’s PRN-4011 is a 64CH network video recorder that will allow the connection of up to 64 cameras with up to 12MP resolution each, triple codec recording and playback H.265/H.264/MJPEG, dual monitor output, 4K HDMI output, 12 hot-swap hard disc drives and redundant power supplies, while supporting high-level functions such as RAID 5/6, four gigabit ethernet ports and advanced video motion detection, it also supports a local monitor for ease of use, automatic camera registration, ONVIF cameras and mobile apps for smartphone and tablet connectivity.

The PRN-4011 is 64 channels NVR from the Wisenet P series. Supporting up to 12MP recording and with the help of H.265 compression, this NVR can record and display the highest ԛuality images. Using RAID 5 and N+1 failover support, there is never any worry of losing important data.



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Samsung PRN4011 NVR