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Samsung SLA-2812DN CS-mount Varifocal Lens

3 DC style automotive eye
Varifocal2.8 ~ 12 mm/ 0.11″ ~ 0.47″
1/3″ CCD
410K pixel settlement
8 to 12.0 mm central size
1: 1.3 to 360 max eye proportion
8 x 3.6 (H x V) graphic layout
Diagonal: 29.7 to 133.0 °
Horizontal:238 to1022 °
Vertical:178 to742 °


The SamsungSLA-2812DN CS-mount Varifocal Lens possesses a central size from 2.8 ~ 12 mm. The F1.3 DC style automotive eye attribute is actually develops consistent online video signs and also changes the camera to relocating lightweight degrees. Concentration and also zoom are actually manually regulated.

The Samsung SLA-2812DN CS-Mount Varifocal Lens maintains your safety needs at a top-priority. The galvanometers sustain the automotive eye functionality in the lens. The automotive eye is actually concentrated by interior pathway from the camera to verify exceptional high quality pictures also in modifying lightweight atmospheres. The SLA-2812DN lens shows off self-focus and also help command functionality. Additionally, the DC eye functionality within this SLA-2812DN Lens triggers via a lens and also a fastened cable.

The Samsung CS-Mount 2.8 to 12 mm Varifocal Lens could be utilized along with electronic cameras prepped along with a CS place and also a photo sensing unit determining 1/3-inch. The lens showcases a 2.8 to 12 mm central size for recording pictures in 410 k pixel settlement. The lens through Samsung has a ND filter and also automotive eye functionality sustained through a galvanometer. Along with self-focus, hands-on emphasis, place command, and also hands-on zoom, the SLA-2812DN lens is actually developed for easy installation however effective make use of.



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Samsung SLA-2812DN CS-mount Varifocal Lens