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Samsung SRD-493P HD DVR

4CH 1080p real-time AHD DVR,

Up to 120 fps recording rate @ 1080P

HDMI / VGA video output

1CH audio input / 1CH audio output, Max

1 internal HDD

Coaxial control (Samsung-T/E

Pelco-C, ACP), Smartphone support (Android, iOS)

Enhanced network bandwidth up to 32Mbps


Hanwha’s 4CH 1080p HD DVR provides exceptional image ԛuality and a multitude of user-friendly functions. The HD+ Series is Hanwha’s complete analog 1080p HD analog solution. The Samsung SRD-493 HD DVR offers outstanding image ԛuality while utilizing up to 4ch for large surveillance system support. This DVR comes with HDMI and VGA outputs, strong 1080p/720p (real-time) recording, and input/output for audio. If you have an Android or Apple phone, you can remotely access the DVR’s recordings.

The entry-level model supports the monitoring and recording of multiple IP cameras. The unit features a basic user-interface which enables the straightforward configuration of camera and system settings. Alternatively, an HD monitor can be connected via the HDMI output and used with the included USB mouse for a simple standalone solution, without the need of a PC.

Efficient alarm management, with the use of camera-based video motion detection and tampering alarms, helps to alert users of possible incidents. The unit’s integrated alarm and audio I/O ports allow users to connect external devices that can help enhance alarm signalling or enable features such as two-way audio (dependent on the connected camera’s audio capabilities).

Recordings can be scheduled to run continuously, during specific time periods or in response to an event or alarm signal. Support for pre- and post-event recording allows activity around the time of a triggered alarm to be captured and used for investigation purposes. In addition, data can be easily retrieved using a range of handy search tools, played back and then exported via the USB connection.



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Samsung SRD-493P HD DVR