ELV Solutions


ELV solutions is increasingly becoming popular in the industry as it enables business to operate seamlessly and efficiently. ELV means Extra low voltage systems. The systems that operate at low voltage is often termed as ELV systems. ELV system established in a residential or commercial building ensures better control and security and it reduce the need for multiple connections and cables in a building. The system includes IT networks, CCTV, voice and video intercom, door access control, lighting control, audio visual systems, HVAC control, lift access control etc. Designing and implementing perfect ELV systems needs expertise.

Gain better control and security

Amaze technologies offers top-of-the-line ELV solutions in Dubai to companies of varied categories. Our integrated solutions prepare organizations to have smart, secured and efficient control over its operations without fault. In addition to supplying the surveillance and security products, we frame a modern design based on integration of all ELV systems over an IP based network. Our combined knowledge in the IT networking infrastructure and ELV systems owes to our success in offering best ELV solutions to companies across UAE and other middle east countries.
What We Offer

  • Structured Cabling
  • CCTV and intrusion alarm systems
  • Access control and intercom systems
  • Smart home systems
  • PABX and telephone systems
  • Video and audio management
  • Electrical systems
  • Conference systems
  • Electrical systems

Efficient ELV Systems

Integration of all ELV systems over an IP based network extends many benefits to the business. It includes:

Unified pathways:

In tradition systems separate cabling and pathway is used for telephony, TV systems, and security systems. But in a modern ELV design a common data network (IP network ) is used for all systems thus reducing the cost on cabling and pathways.

Less interference problems:

Traditional designs (analog setup) for systems like CCTV, telephony and television is complex to ensure the quality of audio and picture. Unexpected problems generally arise leading to further delays on project timelines. Systems integration over a common IP network can avoid these concerns.

Easy to manage and trouble shoot:

Managing ELV solutions is easier compared to the traditional model. Staffs do not need to bother about the various cabling and connections. it can be easily checked and managed from a centralized location using a computer.

Remote management made easy:

IP based network extends the benefit of remote management of systems. This saves a considerable amount of time and maintenance costs. You can bring many added features to the systems.
Other benefits includes extra features and functionalities, lower costs for expandability, no need to change the infrastructure, software upgradability and easy integration of various systems.
Our expertise enable us to design and implement perfect ELV solution in a variety of sectors in match with client needs. We offer solution for commercial and industrial buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, banks, and other multi story buildings and towers. The solutions we offer is by maintaining standards and guidelines defined within the profession. With our experience we are able to assist and support for design and implementation of high performance ELV solutions in Dubai according to the business needs.
Consult us today and be ready to jumpstart your business with right ELV solutions/services in Dubai