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A firewall is an essential barrier to prevent illegal access to a single computer or to a network of computers. Considering the importance of business data, a defensive cover is a must to save network and computer systems from external and internal threats. Firewall security serves as a line of defence to combat a serious range of damaging malware and other intrusions. The prevention mechanism is dependent on the type of firewall in use and how it is being configured. Therefore, more than just securing your network it is important to get the firewall system configured properly.

Amaze Technologies is well-versed in the installation and configuration of various firewalls and VPN solutions. We hold the expertise to provide firewall security with leading brands such as Fortinet, SonicWall, Cisco, Sophos, etc with advanced performance configuration and troubleshooting. We know how important the firewall configuration to an enterprise is. Incorrect configuration can leave any network exposed to data theft, malware attacks, and other types of intrusions.


Our skilled professionals follow an in-depth approach where the firewall works in tandem with the enterprise security norms and guidelines. By precisely understanding the access needs from the beginning, we apply firewall policies that reliably support your day-to-day business operations without leaving any chance for intruders to attack the network infrastructure. In the end, the firewall will be installed and configured that make no compromise to the security of applications, network devices, and internal networks. A well-configured firewall is the key that ensures complete network security.


  • Identify and control applications.
  • Avert known threats.
  • Block anonymous threats.
  • Limit unauthorized file and data transfers. Web content filtering
  • Successful traffic monitoring
  • Network security made simple.
  • Effective utilization of the bandwidth
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Manage web surfing.
  • And more.

When it comes to business, having the right protection is significant. Never let your important data fall into the wrong hands and be sure to protect your network and systems by getting the right firewall security. Get in touch with Amaze Technologies for precise firewall installation and configuration in UAE.

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