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A quality website is critical for any organization. It acts as a primary information hub which most people depend on to know about any business service or activity. As a fast growing business development tool that enhance online business presence, it actively reaches out to potential visitors and keep existing customers engaged always . Therefore, having a website is a great necessity to help business reach new heights.


Amaze Technologies, the leading web development company in Dubai serve clients with innovative web solutions across UAE. We have a team of web developers and designers capable of developing solutions from generating eye-catching designs to creating static web pages to most critical web applications. With advanced web technologies and tools we ensure comprehensive design, accessibility and greater usability.


Be it to create dynamic, static or ecommerce portals, we provide successful solutions based on clients needs. Our competence on latest web design tools and technologies enable us to help customers with extensive web development services including front end development, custom web application development, ecommerce development and development with open source (CMS). We adopt a systematic approach to promote the brand image and the targeted key demographics of our customers. Our strategists deeply analyze the client requirement and mine out the best solutions and tools and work with them to provide the best.
Responsive Web Design: Embedded with incredible responsive designs, we brilliantly transform designs to highly accessible application making it accessible on all browsers, mobile devices and on all operating platforms.
Ecommerce Website: When it comes to ecommerce website development we are in the forefront. With captivating design and navigation, we develop customized and responsive online store in line with business needs.
Content management System: Looking to boost your business on a large scale? We help you create websites using the best open source development platforms. We are professionals to develop websites using latest content management systems (CMS) such as the Word Press, Magento, and Drupal.


  • User-friendly interface and easy to navigate
  • Responsive sites
  • Feature rich applications and highly interactive
  • Economically feasible
  • Use of Standard methodologies
  • Timely delivery


1. Industry Expertise:

Amaze Technologies boasts a team of professionals for web designing , who are not just seasoned coders but are also knowledgeable about industry trends and best practices. With their finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving digital landscape, they’re able to offer insights and solutions that are both innovative and relevant.

2. Tailored Solutions:

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. Amaze Technologies believes in customizing solutions to fit the unique requirements of each client. Whether it’s a simple landing page or a complex e-commerce platform, we approach each project with fresh eyes and a commitment to delivering a bespoke solution.

3. Responsive Design:

In an era where more users are accessing websites via mobile devices than desktops, responsive design isn’t just an add-on, it’s a necessity. Amaze Technologies ensures that every site they build is optimized for viewing across all device sizes, from smartphones to large desktop monitors.

4. Integrated Approach:

Web design and development isn’t just about aesthetics or backend functionality. It’s about integrating both to deliver a seamless user experience. Amaze Technologies excels in ensuring that the design and development aspects of your website are in perfect harmony.

5. Ongoing Support:

The end of the development phase isn’t the end of the relationship with Amaze Technologies. We offer robust after-launch support, ensuring that your website remains updated, secure, and functional at all times. Our support team is always just a call or email away.

6. Focus on User Experience:

A beautiful website that’s hard to navigate is of little value. Amaze Technologies places a premium on user experience (UX), ensuring that visitors to your site find it intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging.

7. SEO Friendly:

What’s a great website if nobody sees it? Amaze Technologies ensures that all websites are built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices in mind, improving the likelihood of ranking high on search engine results pages.

8. Transparency and Collaboration:

Amaze Technologies believes in complete transparency. From the initial consultation to the final site launch, clients are kept in the loop at every stage. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged, making the entire process a collaborative effort.

9. Affordability:

Quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium. Amaze Technologies offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of work or the tools and technologies used.

10. Proven Track Record:

Amaze Technologies has a long list of satisfied clients and a portfolio that speaks for itself. Their track record of delivering websites that not only look great but also convert visitors into customers is unparalleled.

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