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  • Flexible LED Display Solution
  • P2.50/P3.21/P3.91
  • Dynamic creativity – available for arbitrary arc shape
  • Excellent image performance on colour uniformity
  • Sustainable reliability
  • The advanced modular technology fully maximize the screen smoothness
Unilumin UHF LED's In Dubai,UAE

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Product Features

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Flexible Display, Creative Solution

  • Dynamic creativity and ultra flexibility
  • Sustainable reliability
  • Streamline operational efficiency 
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Dynamic Creativity

  • Creativity is easy with UHF

Ultra Flexible

  • Flexible cabinet size, cabinet size can be customized according to project demands
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Sustainable Reliability

  • Metal Bottom Case & Good Heat Dissipation Effect

Streamline Operation Efficiency

  • Magnetic tool for front module maintenance
  • With each panel size 55’’ (customizable),  it is natural to create native Full HDH screens,  at the same time ensures high screen flatness. 

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Are you looking to enhance your visual displays with cutting-edge LED technology? Look no further than the remarkable Unilumin UHF LED series. Renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative designs, Unilumin UHF LEDs are the perfect solution for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. If you’re in Dubai and interested in acquiring these state-of-the-art LED products, you’ve come to the right place!

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