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  • Stable Keeps Going and Going
  • P0.9/P1.2/P1.5/P1.8
  • Vivid Viewing Experience
  • Super high stability
  • User-level experience
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance control.
Unilumin UHPⅢ LED's In Dubai, UAE

Application scenario

Conference Room

command centre

Command Center



Product Features

premium viewing

Premium Visuals

  • High Grayscale
  • High Contrast Ratio
Native Screen Size.

Native Screen Size

  • The 16:9 cabinet design adopted by UHPIII enables it to perfectly restore 2K, 4K, and 8K images point-to-point without stretching or scaling.
Optional Visual Lifestyles

Optional Visual Lifestyles

  • UHPIII reaches 15000:1 ultra-high contrast and supports higher brightness options and higher screen color saturation.

Generation Of High Stability

  • UHPIII adopts the latest RGB flip technology, it is more stable and there will be no dead lights during use.

Deep Energy Saving Technology

  • UHPIII consumes less than 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity/20 square meters per night, reducing carbon emissions by 9,000 kg/20 square meters a year.
energy saving

Ultra Light And Slim Design

  • 10.4mm Thinner
  • 1.5KG Lighter
one click

Ease Of Operation

  • Just click a button and receive an immediate response to every demand.
user friendly design

User-Friendly Design

  • UHPIII adopts a user-level intimate design to fully enhance the user experience from use to operation.
AI Intelligent Mode

AI Intelligent Mode

  • UHPIII’s AI intelligent operation and maintenance mode supports overall operation status management to ensure the smooth progress of each key task.
“Shield” Protection

“Shield” Protection

  • Module Level Overcurrent Protection
  • Module Level Short Circuit Protection
  • Temperature and Humidity Smoke Fault Alarm.
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