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UMiniⅢ Pro

  • Mini, the New Max
  • P0.9/P1.1/P1.2/P1.5/ 0.9Pro/1.2Pro
  • Impressive viewing experience and dazzling colour with 30000:1 super high contrast

  • Extremely comfortable experience enhanced by eye protection.

  • Energy-saving technology in use & standby.

  • Convenient operation and maintenance

UMiniⅢ Pro LED's In Dubai,UAE

Application scenario

High-end Applications

Exhibition Hall

Industrial Design



Product Features


Super High Contrast

  • UMiniIII Pro adopts Unilumin’s unique EBL+(Enhance black level+) and multi-layer optical processing technology, which can display the ultimate pure black contents with 30000:1 super high contrast.

Ultra-High Consistency Effect

  • Enhance Drive Level technology* fully guarantee the low grayscale, high uniformity of UMiniIII in use.
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Image Quality Engine Technology

  • 3D-LUT color gamut calibration technology to achieve the display effect of DCI-P3 standard.

Peerless Picture Effect

  • The low-brightness and high-brightness areas are corrected separately to ensure the consistency from low-brightness to high-brightness.

“Cool” Screen

  • UMiniIII adopts ultra-cool screen technology, the temperature in front of the screen is as low as 38°C (600 brightness, ambient temperature is 25°C).


Human-Friendly Experience

  • UMiniII has passed EMC class B, and the electromagnetic anti-interference ability has reached the consumer level.

Human Eye Protection

  • UMiniIII can effectively reduce blue ray hazards and filter out stray light effects, minimizing health hazards caused by long-term use of the screen protecting the eyes to the greatest extent, and making viewing more comfortable.

5G Ultra-Large Signal Transmission

  • UMiniIII adopts a 5G ultra-large signal transmission design, and the data transmission speed is four times faster than traditional LED display. In addition, its load capacity is larger and the hardware equipment is more streamlined which makes UMiniIII more stable.
hd speed

HD Dynamic Picture Quality Transmission

  • UMiniIII supports high frame rate applications of 120HZ and 240HZ which makes the display content smoother.
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Secure Use Experience

  • UMiniIII has passed C UL US LISTED Certification which has a full range of security and stability guarantees.

Ultra Slim And Light Design

  • Weight: 6kg/cabinet, 35% lighter than UMini
  • Thickness: 40mm thick, 46% thinner than UMini
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All-Round Protection

  • 3H Protection
  • Dust-proof
  • Moisture-proof
Convenient Installation & Maintenance Design

Convenient Installation & Maintenance Design

  • Front maintenance design: full front maintenance design of cabinet and module
  • Module supports front/rear maintenance.

Low Power Consumption

  • UMiniIII adopts the latest energy-saving technology, it can achieve maximum energy-saving effect whether in use or on standby.

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Are you looking to enhance your visual displays with cutting-edge LED technology? Look no further than the remarkable Unilumin UMiniⅢ Pro LED series. Renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative designs, Unilumin UMiniⅢ Pro LEDs are the perfect solution for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. If you’re in Dubai and interested in acquiring these state-of-the-art LED products, you’ve come to the right place!

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