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  • Upgrade, More Intelligent

  • P0.9/P1.05/P1.12/P1.19/P1.2/P1.5/P1.9/P2.5

  • High flatness front maintenance
  • Intelligent MDC mode-realize quick switch to different scene modes.
  • U-shield protection
  • Wireless connection between cabinets 
Unilumin UpanelⅡ led dubai,uae

Application scenario


Control Room

Commercial & Retail

meeting room


Product Features

U-Shield Protection- IP60

U-Shield Protection- IP60

  • By applying a hermetically sealed structure and a new modular design, UpanelII achieves highly efficient heat dissipation and high protection of IP60.
U-Shield Protection - Cable-Free Design

U-Shield Protection - Cable-Free Design


U-Shield Protection- Single Cabinet Power-Off Function

  • The cabinet power switch adopts the telescopic structure to achieve 100% safe operation.
Front Maintenance 2

Front Maintenance

  • Modules, power supplies, and internal cables can be replaced from the front. The design of full front maintenance not only saves time but also saves costs.

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