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  • Restore the Real Dynamic
  • Shape the Future of Connectivity
  • Ensuring Energy Efficiency
  • User Level Experience
  • P0.9/P1.2/P1.5/P1.9/P2.5
UpanelSⅡ LED's In Dubai, UAE

Application scenario



control room

Control Room


Product Features


5G Bandwidth

  • Streamlined Hardware Equipment
  • Fast Data Transmission & Large Load Capacity.
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Ultra Clear Dynamic Picture

  • Even high-speed moving pictures can be perfectly restored on UpanelSII

Realistic Viewing Experience

  • With a more natural and smoother image viewers can fully enjoy lively content.
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Mechanism Stable Display

  • UpanelSII adopts the latest RGB flip technology, compared with the dedicated display products on the market.

Energy-Saving Technology In Use

  • UpanelSII adopts a common cathode energy saving design, which can save up to 50% of energy consumption.
  • In standby mode, UpanelSII consumes less than 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity/20 square meters per night.

Three-Dimensional Adjustment & Correction

  • UpanelS supports XYZ axis adjustment, which can perfectly control the flatness and seam of the screen at any angle, so as to realize automatic and fast correction.

Convenient Operation And Maintenance

  • Fully front and rear accessible

  • Guide Rail


Stable Cooling Technology

  • UpanelSII adopts a large-area heat sink design, which increases the heat dissipation area by 30%, making it easier and faster to dissipate heat than traditional LED displays.

electro magnetic

Consumer Grade Electromagnetic Design

  • The whole series has passed EMC class B, and the electromagnetic anti-interference ability has reached the consumer level.

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Are you looking to enhance your visual displays with cutting-edge LED technology? Look no further than the remarkable Unilumin UpanelSⅡ LED series. Renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative designs, Unilumin UpanelSⅡ LEDs are the perfect solution for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. If you’re in Dubai and interested in acquiring these state-of-the-art LED products, you’ve come to the right place!

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