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Avaya B109 Ip Phone

▪ Crystal-clear sound with full duplex thanks to
OmniSound® audio technology.
▪ Support for Avaya Equinox® and other conferencing tools.
▪ Clear LCD screen displays enabled feature.
▪ Simplified Bluetooth pairing and connection using NFC.
▪ HD calls over Bluetooth.
▪ Can be paired with Avaya devices that support Bluetooth ▪ Bluetooth A2DP for superior audio performance when playing music.
▪ USB port for connection to a computer or other compatible USB device.
▪ Completely cordless thanks to its built-in battery and Bluetooth (the battery
is charged via the USB port and has up to 12 hours operating time).
▪ Headset connectivity option allows easy switching between headset
and speaker function


Big possibilities in a small package. With the B109 conference phone, you can take personal conferencing with you anywhere. Delivering crystal clear sound and integration with many conferencing applications, it’s perfect for a meeting with a couple colleagues or as an alternative to a headset when you’re on the road.



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Avaya B109 Ip Phone