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Avaya K175 Ip Phone

Native experience for high definition video and collaboration.
Avaya Vantage™ built-in UC experience provides access to
communication features, such as audio and video telephony,
conferencing, calendar. The built-in calendar provides a
single-click connection to Avaya or 3rd party services as
well as notification for the upcoming meetings. Use Avaya
Vantage™ to conduct all your video and collaboration in just
one-click. Extend your native Avaya experience over HDMI to
external screen to provide a picture by picture view of video
and content you are sharing.

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Purpose-built for a better calling and video meetings experience, use the K175 to start video and collaboration in just one click. Bring everything the cloud has to offer into full view. Engage as you’d like with this always-on device that offloads your communications and meetings from your laptop. Wireless flexibility and easy set-up enables plug-and-play installation.



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Avaya K175 Ip Phone