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Cambium PTP 450i Backhaul

Cambium PTP 450I is the most scalable industrial-grade wireless broadband connectivity solution available. It features dynamic interference filtering, IP-66/67 enclosure, and multi-function AUX port. The PTP 450I boasts triple the power and the device supports frequencies from 3300 – 3900 MHz. The gigabit Ethernet interface provides the maximum transfer rates to the devices. The advanced radio design improves transmit power and increases receive sensitivity.


  • High quality service
  • Transfer high bandwidth at very fast rates
  • Supports IPV4/IPV6 protocols
  • Support surge suppression
  • High security
  • Ultra-wide band
  • Rugged metal enclosure
  • Multifunction aux port
  • Dynamic interference filtering

Customers in UAE can place the order online for Cambium PTP 450I backhaul through Amaze Technologies.

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Cambium PTP 450i Backhaul