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Christie Video Wall Controllers Spyder X20

Powerful video processing, flexible matrix switching

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Mixing and multiple key frame effects

Smooth transitions automatically interpolate between the first look and the second look according to user-defined duration
Real-time window resizing and positioning
Full motion path editing with velocity control at each key frame
PIP borders, including drop shadows and soft inside edge
Adjustable PIP aspect ratio correction as well as cropping, pan and zoom
Quickly apply looks to multiple video layers with user-defined treatments
Integrated Operators Monitor allows you to see what the audience sees and preview what they will see next, all on a single monitor
Stereoscopic option enables viewing of 2D and 3D images from multiple sources at the same time for enhanced design collaboration

Luminance keyer on every input
Chroma keyer on every input
Alpha channel bitmaps on every input, for alpha channel titling or bugs from your favorite graphics application
Presets and timed cues

Save Command Key presets for a single video layer or a complete on-screen look that includes all layout information as well as machine control for ancillary devices
Save multiple keyframes in scripted sequences that advance manually or automatically based on timed cues
Background buffers

Two native or scalable resolution background buffers allows mixing between high-resolution, still backdrops for PIP images or background inputs without having to use any of Christie Spyder X20’s inputs to prevent screens from going to black
Video processing

10-bit analog inputs and outputs
Low delay (<1.5 interlaced frames) 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down detection



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Christie Video Wall Controllers Spyder X20