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The Cisco 7861 IP Phone is a great choice for your general business VoIP communications needs. It combines modern features, security, and audio clarity with state of the art tech enhancing the speakerphone experience.

The 7800 series is a great VoIP option for large businesses and small ones alike and will even be up to the task for most front desk reception and call rerouting. This phone lacks some of the flashier accessories and features such as color screens and ultra compatibility/connectivity. However, it makes up for that in straightforward task-oriented convenience.

The screen is a standard anti-glare monochrome with a pleasant white backlight and a straightforward user interface. The menus and quick access to caller ID and other more advanced menu features such as phone book and call log access are intuitive to find.

The security on this device is up to date and for those wanting to deploy this unit with pre-existing infrastructure. It’s backward compatible with the Cisco brand but remote cloud delivery which will come in handy if your business is expecting to scale.

One surprising caveat is the lack of 10/100/1000 integral switch support according to the Cisco website. This won’t be a problem for most but it might be something to keep an eye on if 1000 switch compatibility is a must-have.



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Cisco 7861 IP Phone