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Cisco Meraki MS210-48 – switch

Cisco Meraki MS210-48 network switch provide Layer 2 access switching for branch and small campus locations. This switch supports an optional, rack-mountable PSU (Cisco RPS-2300) for power redundancy requirements. All Meraki switches are managed through an elegant, and intuitive cloud-based interface,. To bring up a Meraki switch, simply plug it in. Meraki switches do not require CLI for switch configuration or port management. It is the industry leading cloud managed switch that features a cloud-based centralized management that allows for configuration of switch ports over web.


  • Guaranteed network performance
  • Powerful remote diagnostic tools
  • Role-based administration
  • Incredible network transparency
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Converged Voice, Video and Data Environments
  • Enhanced network security
  • Voice VLAN support for simplified VoIP deployments
  • Automatic email alerts from power loss, downtime

Customers in UAE can place the order online for Cisco Meraki MS210-48 network switch through Amaze Technologies.

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Cisco Meraki MS210-48 – switch