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Engenius Network Switch EWS2910P

Neutron Series
Managed Gigabit
Optimal Performance, Enterprise Features &
Robust Management Options
Neutron Series EWS Managed Gigabit Switches offer enterpriseclass features, simplified network configuration, monitoring, and
management options and optimal network performance for small
to mid-size organizations.
Choose between 8-, 24-, and 48-Gigabit ports and Power-overEthernet (PoE+)-ready Layer 2 switches with 1-10 Gbps SFP+ ports.
EWS Managed Switch model options also include desktop and rack
mountable, fanless and SmartFan designs.
EWS Managed Gigabit Switches support easy deployment and
operation. Organizations with limited IT support and budg

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Engenius Network Switch EWS2910P