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Panasonic KX-HTS32 Compact Hybrid IP PABX

From start-up companies, residential buildings and clinics, to security, hospitality, retail and warehouse environments, Panasonic’s KX-HTS32 Compact Hybrid IP-PBX device has been engineered to meet the specific needs of small and home office (SOHO) businesses. Uniquely featuring a built-in router and Wi-Fi access point, this hybrid IP-PBX can be used to not only enable voice, video and remote communications, but to help create affordable monitoring and security systems too.The KX-HTS32 is effortlessly simple, perfectly compact and competitively cost-effective. It’s also powerful, and seamlessly scalable to any future business demands. And it’s helping to transform the efficiency, productivity
and customer service of SOHO organisations across the globe.

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Panasonic KX-HTS32 Compact Hybrid IP PABX