Panasonic KX-TDA100D Hybrid PABX

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Panasonic KX-TDA100D Hybrid PABX

KX-TDA100D is a hybrid PABX which enhance your business operations with Digital and analog telephones. This ideal for companies with 25 to 65 users who would like to take advantage of the benefits of connecting to a PRI or T-1 Circuit as well as having the ability to have remote IP Phones connected to the system.

  • Business Communications Simplified

Investment in a telecommunication system requires business communication foresight. Businesses need to be
able to effectively communicate today - yet want to make sure that they are properly equipped to handle the
growing demands of their future communication needs. Packed with a repertoire of advanced corporate telephony
solutions, the IP-Enabled TDA series brings a wide range of benefits to help solve your company's communication
needs. Solutions - such as Wireless Mobility allows you freedom to roam within the corporate campus so you can respond to important calls from anywhere in your office, while the Voice Messaging solution adds value to virtually all your services. Built-in advanced call centre functions improve communication efficiency and allow you to serve
customers more effectively. The IP-Enabled TDA series makes it easy to distribute calls, manage agents handling
calls, and controls office use of the phone system.

  • Automatic Call Routing

Intelligent call routing allows incoming calls to be distributed directly to the desired destinations. This is made possible by using the CLIP information that is sent with the call. Calls can be distributed to a single extension, or group of extensions, or even held in a queue. Extension groups can also carry VIP status, so that calls that are distributed to these groups are automatically pushed to the front of the call queue regardless of when they enter the queue.

  • Cost-Cutting Performance

Panasonic has leveraged leading edge PSTN and IP technologies in the IP-Enabled TDA series. Customers can
reap the business benefits of the following supported technologies to achieve cost-effective, effortless, and
reliable inter-office multi-site voice solutions based on most inexpensive programmed calling routes.

- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) using H.323
- Least Cost Routing (LCR)

  • Built-in Call Centre Solutions - for perfect customer service

Whatever the size of your company, efficient and courteous handling of telephone calls is a major factor in a successful business. Panasonic provides multiple solutions for medium and small Call Centres, to help
control and make use of the limited human resources that may be available.

 Intelligent and Automatic Call Routing
 Flexible Routing to distribution groups
 VIP call routing
 Automated Attendant
 Call Queue with waiting message
 Walking Extensions ('Hot Desking')
 Supervisor call queue monitoring
 Supervisor level monitoring and
 Overflow Extensions
 Agent Log-in / Log-out
 Wrap-up

  • Reliability

The reliability of Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX system is assured by rigorous quality control and testing before it leaves the factory, guaranteeing you piece of mind. The system is designed for quick and easy maintenance to help keep any
downtime to an absolute minimum. Supporting "hot-swap" - you can change or add most modules without even shutting down the system, while advanced PC based programming tools help installers with quick configuration changes from any networked computer



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