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Samsung QNO-7020R

Max. 4M resolution
3.6mm fixed lens
H.265, H.264, MJPEG codec supported
Multiple streaming- Up to 3 profiles
Motion detection, Tampering, Defocus detection
IR viewable length 30m, IP66, IK10
Max. 20fps@4M resolutions, Max. 30fps@2M resolutions
micro SD (128GB) memory slot, PoE / 12V DC
Hallway view, WiseStream support
LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction)
Audio Support


Samsung Q Series QNO-7020R offer Max. 4Mp resolution and Built-in 3.6mm fixed lens. The QNO-7020R offer IR viewable length of 25m with Hallway view support and LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction). It offers the day-night view and Wide Dynamic Range of 120dB. The Video Codec support includes H.265, h.264, and MPEG. In general, the lens is distorted in the videos, which results in straight lines near the edges curving towards the Exterior. Thanks to the lens distortion correction technology, available in the Wisenet Q range, it is possible to repair easily the imperfections of the images.

Hall View Support

Traditional videos with horizontal form focus on unnecessary edges of an area in vertical-shaped areas such as corridors, tunnels, and passages, causing losses in terms of storage and bandwidth. With the visualization, Hallway creates images with an aspect ratio of 3: 4 and 9:16, which results in videos with portrait orientation that They maximize the quality of the image in narrow areas.



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Samsung QNO-7020R