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Samsung SLA-M2890PN Verifocal Lens

P-Iris kind automobile eye
Varifocal 2.8 ~ 9mm/ 0.11″ ~ 0.35″
3MP 1/2.8″ CCD sensing unit
8-9mm central span
P-iris device
52mm back central span in sky


The SamsungSLA-M2890PN Varifocal Lens Lens possesses a central span from 2.8 ~ 9mm, and also is actually considered to become made use of along with 1/2.8″ and also 3Megapixel sensing units. The Auto Iris attribute develops normal online video indicators and also assists the camera to adapt to relocating lightweight amounts. The IR tweaked lens affirms continuously efficiency is actually clear.

TheSamsung SLA-M2890PNlens possesses an assorted f/1.2 eye for brighter online video and also photos. This P-iris lens through Samsung possesses an automobile eye feature stimulated through a removaling electric motor. The SLA-M2890PN lens is actually created at clear, sharp photos and also protection precision under also unfavorable lights settings. The eye auto-close feature maintains imagers and also visual filters off terrific highlights when the electrical power gets out.



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Samsung SLA-M2890PN Verifocal Lens