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4 Channel 1080 p Real-TimeDVR -along with 1TB Included
Up to 120/100(1080p) fps taping cost
HDMI/ VGA video clip result
4 Channel Audio Inputs/ 1 Channel Audio Output
2 Internal SATA Slots
Coaxial cable (Samsung CCVC, Pelco-C, ACP)
Smart phone assistance (Android/ iphone)
Enhanced system transmission capacity around 64 Mbps


The SAMSUNGSRD-494P Real Time DVR is actually 4 stations AHD FULL HD (1080P) REAL TIMEDVR The SRD-494P incorporating AHD innovation that may offer superior premium HD graphics over existing get cabling, HD+ electronic cameras as well as DVR is actually created to attract end-users which desire to record as well as capture Full HD 1080 p graphics.

The SAMSUNGSRD-494P Real Time DVR well valued promotion practical upgrade road for standard cognate bodies along with brand new setups. The ‘plug & play’ array sustains the gear box from Full HD graphics with no prospective or even picture reduction, at proximities around 500 m making use of common get. The SRD-494P is actually strongly low-priced considering that that is actually quite simple to execute as well as there is actually no demand to should have the price as well as time from putting in encoders, converters or even changes.

The Samsung SRD-494P integrates Day/Night performance along with a bundled infrared decrease filter. This is actually additionally prepped along with Motion Detection, Dual Power ability as well as SSNRIV, the present day creation from Samsung’s Super Noise Reduction innovation. SSNRIV clears away picture sound in low-light conditions without producing ghosting or even perplexing as well as along with the additional perk from around 70% decrease in transmission capacity criteria or even video clip storing area, affiliated to common electronic cameras.

The 3 DVRs through Samsung may instantly capture in real-time throughout all stations, whilst multi-streaming the gear box from graphics throughout the system as well as along with mobile phones. More components include selectable transmission capacity around 64 Mbps, audio assistance as well as the selection from HDMI or even VGA results. Through assisting existing cognate electronic cameras, the SRD-494P DVR give individuals along with the option to disperse the lifestyle from their heritage bodies as well as make the most of ROI.



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