APC Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U 230V with Network Card

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APC Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U 230V with Network Card

APC smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U 230V with network card is an ideal power source for servers, network devices such as the routers, switches, hubs, modems and others. This smart UPS has the reliable battery backup capacity to power through outrages or smoothly shutdown systems. The system is highly appreciated for its performance with the ability for reducing utility costs and less heat generation. Comes with pre-installed network management card, it allows for the remote management and control of the UPS over network.


  • High online efficiency
  • Intuitive LCD interface
  • Adjustable voltage-transfer points
  • Adjustable voltage sensitivity
  • Avoid costly power problems
  • Save time with easy and convenient remote accessibility
  • USB connectivity

You can place the order online for APC smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U 230V with network card through Amaze Technologies.

SMT2200RMI2UNC Features
APC Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U 230V with Network Card
Intelligent and efficient network power protection from entry level to scaleable runtime. Ideal UPS for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices.
Includes: CD with software, Documentation CD, Installation guide, Rack mounting hardware, Rack Mounting support rails, Smart UPS signalling RS-232 cable, Temperature Probe, USB cable
Cold-start capable
Provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out.
Energy meter
Provides actual kilowatt hours of usage for energy conscious users.
Green mode
Patent-pending operating mode that bypasses unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve very high operating efficiency without sacrificing any protection.
High online efficiency
Reduces utility costs, generates less heat.
Intuitive LCD interface
Provides clear and accurate information in multiple languages with the ability to configure the UPS locally with easy to use navigation keys.
Predictive replace battery date
Dynamically provides the month and year when battery replacement is recommended to aide in long term maintenance planning.
Smart-UPS Features & Benefits
Intelligent battery management

Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.
Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Gives higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery (not available on all models).
Temperature-compensated battery charging

Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.
Power conditioning

Protects connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances.
Automatic self-test

Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced.
Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown

Automatically starts up the connected equipment upon the return of utility power.
Disconnected battery notification

Warns when a battery is not available to provide backup power.
Technical Specifications
Output power capacity

1.98kWatts / 2.2kVA
Max Configurable Power (Watts)

1.98kWatts / 2.2kVA
Nominal Output Voltage

Output Voltage Note

Configurable for 220 : 230 or 240 nominal output voltage
Output Frequency (sync to mains)

50/60Hz +/- 3 Hz
Other Output Voltages

220, 240

Line Interactive
Waveform type

Sine wave
Output Connections

(3) IEC Jumpers (Battery Backup)
(1) IEC 320 C19 (Battery Backup)
(8) IEC 320 C13 (Battery Backup)


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