Cambium 30v Gigabit Surge Supressor

Cambium 30v Gigabit Surge Supressor

Cambium 30V Gigabit Surge Supressor deliver outdoor wireless broadband solutions to operate in the toughest of environments. The reason for most of the outages or failure of the high mounted equipments is the lighting strikes. So t is important to follow the best protection mechanisms and the Cambium surge supressor is the answer that minimizes the potential for damage causing from the lightning strikes.


  • Gigabit Ethernet supressor
  • Line to line and line to ground protection mode
  • Wall mountable or Poll mountable
  • Survive 200mph wind
  • Dust and water intrusion protection

Customers in UAE can place the order online for Cambium 30V Gigabit Surge Supressor through Amaze Technologies.


Model Number
Transfer Rate
1000 Base T
Two x RJ-45
Network operators should always follow best-practices for grounding and lightning protection. Doing so will minimize network outages and reduce the associated costs of tower climbs and equipment repair/replacement.

The Gigabit Ethernet Surge Suppressor is compatible with the 450 and 450b (Subscriber Module), F180, F200 (other 30V Gigabit products). The unit ships suitable for mounting to a wall or pole.


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