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Christie Switches & AV Distributors Terra Receiver

Full signal management & data processing for outputs


Complete AV and control connectivity: support includes HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, audio, RS-232, IR control, Gigabit Ethernet and USB
Zero-frame latency: enables natural, real-time monitoring, communication and collaboration, synchronized across displays among users as well as simultaneous response and control of all networked devices
Intelligent EDID management: easy management of EDID across the entire system to ensure adaptability across multiple sources and displays
Integrated screen management: support for PiP, image composition and multiviewer applications and featuring built-in broadcast quality scaling, screen magnification and bezel compensation for seamless and reliable image presentation and quality
Supports high dynamic range (HDR) and deep color: capable of maintaining enhanced image information without compromise
Serial RS-232 and IR bidirectional control: easily integrate control into the system reducing the need for additional devices
Broad audio format support: interfaces, processes and transports a wide range of audio formats to support compatibility with the destination device
Audio embedding and de-embedding: provides flexibility to supply the desired audio format to an AV device or display​



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Christie Switches & AV Distributors Terra Receiver