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RG-S7910E Series Switches

Ultra-performance (800 Gbps per slot, upto 6.4 Tbps)
• Space-saving (only 10U rack height, equivalent to 2/3 of similar devices)
• Energy-saving (latest Broadcom TD3 16 nm chip adopted, W/Tbps reduced by 30%)

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Carrier-class Reliability

Redundant design of the RG-S7910E Switch Series key components delivers excellent protection: 1+1 redundancy for control engines and N+M redundancy for power modules. All redundant components are hot-swappable to maximize reliability and availability.

Hot patch technology is also supported to enable online upgrade.

Support GR for OSPF/IS-IS/BGP and BFD for VRRP/OSPF/BGP4/ISIS/ISISv6/static routing to enable the fast fault detection mechanism of different protocols. The feature minimizes the fault detection time to less than 50ms.

Multi-processing Modular Operating System

Since 1998, Ruijie has been investing on the R&D of modular operating system. The RG-S7910E Switch Series software platform is designed based on the new-generation RGOS 12.X multi-processing modular operating system to decouple functional components, automatically repair component faults via hotfix technology, and ensure high availability of the software. This software platform delivers network continuity thanks to upgrade of component functions or defect repair without network disconnections. This switch also supports full virtualization and offers rich campus network features. Its key availability indicators such as multi-processing modules, process backup and hot patch have reached the industry-leading level.

Virtual Switching Unit 3.0 (VSU)

RG-S7910E Switch Series supports the Virtual Switch Unit 3.0 (VSU). The technology can virtualize multiple devices into one logical unit, which largely minimizes the number of network nodes and reduce maintenance workload. Superior 50~200ms link failover ensures smooth and uninterrupted transmission of key services. The switch supports cross-device link aggregation for easy double uplink to server/switch, effectively maximizing bandwidth investment return.

CLOS Non-blocking Architecture

Ruijie RG-S7910E Series deploys the advanced CLOS multi-plane, multi-stage architecture, which achieves complete separation of the forwarding and control planes. With independent fabric engines and control engines, it ensures all ports are running at full line rate in a non-blocking manner. The solution continues to strengthen bandwidth upgrade and business supporting capacities.

Using an orthogonal design for service modules and fabric engines, the cross-board traffic is transmitted to the fabric engines through the orthogonal connector. Ruijie RG-S7910E Series achieves zero wiring for backplane with minimized transmission loss and signal degradation. It can also improve internal transmission efficiency of the switch.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

The internal system is designed for low voltage power supply with high-efficiency modular power to form a more efficient power supply system. The multi-core CPU supports dynamic power management, and relies on all Ethernet copper ports to implement the Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard to save power under light load. The smart fan supports 256 speed modulations with precise temperature control, energy saving and noise control. The device can function at high temperature for a long period of time or in harsh environment. The RG-S7910E Switch Series thereby helps clients to significantly reduce energy consumption.



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RG-S7910E Series Switches