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Zkteco WRF100

This product consists of two parts: Wireless reader and data receiving module which are using 433MHz frequency for data transmission. The reader can read 13.56MHz IC card’s UID then send the data by 433MHz to the receiving module and finally send it to the terminal via Wiegand interface. The wireless communication is under high-security data encryption. Configuration of this product is simple, you just need to connect the receiving module to the terminal’s Wiegand interface. The receiver’s Wiegand interface has 4-Pin: +12, GND, W0, W, any terminal with Wiegand interface can use this product.



WRF100 Wireless Reader / Receiving Module

Power Supply

WRF100 Wireless Reader: 4.5V
Receiving Module: DC 12V

Operating Current


Card Type

13.56MHz IC Card

Reading Distance

≤ 2.5cm

Communication Frequency


Emission Distance

≤ 30 meters (straight line without blockage)

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ +60°C

Operating Humidity

0% ~ 86%


WRF100 Wireless Reader: 120 * 50 * 20mm
Receiving Module: 25 * 50mm


WRF100 Wireless Reader: 88g
Receiving Module: 10g



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Zkteco WRF100